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» What data does this site have?

What data does this site have?

We have hundreds of gigabytes of full-text data which is keyword searchable using the most powerful search engine in the industry. In addition to our full-text data, we have terabytes (a terabyte is 1000 gigabytes) of images so that you can view patent diagrams. The specific full-text data that you can search is:

  • US Patents*: 3930271 to 8234718
    (PDF/Image available from 0000001 onwards)
  • US Reissue Patents*: RE28671 to RE43562
    (PDF/Image available from RE00001 onwards)
  • US Design Patents*: D242583 to D664735
    (PDF/Image available from D000001 onwards)
  • US Plant Patents*: PP3987 to PP22919
    (PDF/Image available from PP0001 onwards)
  • US Statutory Invention Registration (SIR): H000001 to H002271
    (PDF/Image available from H000001 onwards)

*Full-text is not available for some documents prior to 1976, and for a small number of documents after 1976, due to incomplete data entry by the USPTO. Note that our US collection is more comprehensive than the USPTO's due to the incorporation of other data sources for US documents and our own OCR efforts