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» Creating an Alert

Creating an Alert

An "Alert" is a Saved Search which has notifications (alerts) set on it to ontify you of new results. So, an alert can be set from an existing search in "My Saved Searches". Or, you can create a new alert from the "My Alerts" page. 
To turn on an Alert from "My Saved Searches":

  1. Navigate to "My Saved Searches"
  2. Identify the saved search for which you need the alert, and select "Alert" from actions.
  3. Set the alert notification frequency and notification method.

Create a new alert from "My Alerts":

  1. Navigate to "My Alerts" page.
  2. Select "New", which is placed below the list of alerts (Even if you do not have any existing alerts, the "New" option is present in the "My Alerts" page).
  3. Enter a name for the new alert, and select "Create New".
  4. You are to the search page. You can perform your search, and use the "Save Alert" button to create your new alert. Your new alert is based on the newly saved query.

Note: When you create a new alert, you are first saving your search, and then setting alerts for that saved search. Which means whenever you create an alert, you are also creating a saved search with the same name.