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Free Patents Online has partnered with University TechWatch to offer discounts on university technology and startup directories and online databases!

Universities have THOUSANDS OF LICENSABLE TECHNOLOGIES and spinout companies. UTechWatch provides comprehensive, current and accurate data on university technologies, startups and innovators. Corporate professionals, investors and entrepreneurs use the UTechWatch directories and databases to get quick access to qualified, vetted information on university technologies available for license, and university startup investment and acquisition targets.

UTechWatch currently offers the following directories with complimentary online database access:

The University Clean Tech Directory - More than 400 technologies - mined, vetted and indexed from 200+ U.S. universities.

The UTechWatch Clean Tech Directory and Database is the ultimate clean tech scouting tool! UTechWatch analysts contact and interact with more than 200 universities annually, and search thousands of university technologies. This data is collected, reviewed, formatted and indexed to provide readers quick access to information on each year’s important new innovations. The Directory also includes listings of university clean tech spinouts, and key university inventors.


Investor’s Guide to University Startups - More than 900 university spinouts - mined, vetted and indexed from 200+ U.S. universities.

The 2012 Investor’s Guide to University Startups brings together hard-to-find data from the high-potential, rapidly evolving university start-up market and organizes it into an easy-to-use directory. PLUS Buyers receive an excel spreadsheet with contact information, and one year’s access to the UTechWatch university startup database and monthly e-mail updates.


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